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YouTube Deletes Ukraine on Fire Doc & Nelk Boys Trump Podcast This Week

On Thursday, YouTube removed two popular videos from the website for “violating community guidelines.” One video that was removed was a “Nelk Boys” interview with former President Donald Trump. The Nelk Boys are a prankster group with 7.26 million subscribers on YouTube. According to Kyle, one of the Nelk Boys, the video accumulated over 5 million views in 24 hours. The video was removed for election “misinformation” according to YouTube. The Nelk Boys’ Trump interview is available on their website here.

Filmmaker Oliver Stone’s executive produced documentary from 2016, “Ukraine on Fire” was also removed for allegedly violating YouTube’s community guidelines. According to the film’s director, Igor Lopatonak, YouTube removed the video for potentially violating the company’s “violent or graphic content policy.” The website/social media platform, Rumble has the “Ukraine on Fire” documentary available for free here.


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